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Traditional Chinese Medicine Techniques in San Diego, CA

Traditional Chinese Medicines and Herbs - acupuncture therapy in San Diego, CA
Traditional Chinese Medicine is one the oldest forms of medicine in recorded history, dating as far back as thousands of years before Christ. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is loosely based on the concepts of Taoist beliefs that everything in the universe is interconnected, and so is your body. Your body is a complex energetic system where each part is interconnected and affects the other parts of the body.
Acupuncture is just one puzzle piece of a much larger puzzle that is TCM. TCM encompasses a variety of methods that are designed to help patients achieve consistent health and wellness, through; acupressure, massage techniques, herbal medicine, meditation, and exercise. Through a mixture of these different practices you will be able to restore and maintain your body's natural energy and health wellness.
Our registered practitioners have the years and experience to help you put balance back into your life by relieving the pressure points that are causing you stress and discomfort. By understanding your body's unique energy system Xiao Ling Chan Acupuncture can help you restore your energy, health and overall wellness through acupuncture therapy.